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"Do you know what a spacecaster is?"
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Clancy Gilroy is the main protagonist of The Midnight Gospel. He has the occupation of a spacecaster (a space podcaster), interviewing beings from distant worlds about controversial, existential questions via his multiverse simulator and collecting funky shoes along the way.

He is voiced by American actor and series creator Duncan Trussell.


Clancy Gilroy is a spacecaster with a malfunctioning multiverse simulator (a 'Velma 960' variant) who leaves the comfort of his home to interview beings living in alternate worlds. According to the episode "Mouse of Silver", Clancy was born on the 20th April 1976. Prior to the first episode, Clancy purchases a farm and universe simulator to escape his life on earth and to produce his spacecast-"The Midnight Gospel".


Clancy is a bright-pink humanoid with choppy, shoulder-length, purple hair and chartreuse green eyes. He stands at an average height and has a slim frame.

He typically wears a two-toned, rose and gold skirt, and a wide-brimmed hat with a long, slouching crown; his hat is a bright purple color that transitions into a magenta hue at the tip. He often brings home shoes from his adventures, but typically goes topless and barefoot. He also dons colorful headphones for his podcasts and carries around a yellow messenger bag that is a gateway to a dimension with various stuff.


In his simulated forms Clancy maintains some parts of his physical appearance, but his body is always distorted in some way from its original shape. These distorted avatars almost always sport three puffy fingers.

In "Taste of the King" Clancy's avatar is a bigger and buffer version of himself.

In "Officers and Wolves" Clancy's avatar is some sort of hybrid. He is at a tall height as his head is replaced with a chicken head, his left arm is long with no hand, his right arm has a wrecking ball, encrusted with spikes, fused with it, and his feet have snake heads on them.

In "Hunters Without a Home" his avatar is described as an egg monkey, as it is shaped as an egg with a large nose and no arms. His yellow messenger bag is also formed into a fanny pack.

In "Blinded By My End" the only similarities the avatar shares with Clancy are the height and wide green eyes. The avatar has straight hair with orange skin and a stubble, and wears a gradient tank top and shorts that have patterns on them. It also has tan lines around the torso and the yellow messenger bag is turned into a green fanny pack.

In "Annihilation of Joy" his avatar is a rainbow coloured vertically, that plays music whenever clicked on one of his colours. Clancy still regains his hat, pink arms and legs.

In "Vulture With Honor" his avatar is an octopus sheriff that has a cowboy hat, a gold badge and spurs attached to some of its tentacles.

In "Turtles of the Eclipse" his avatar is the same as his but, according to the computer, is made out of cream.

In "Mouse of Silver" Clancy's avatar starts out as him as a baby while throughout the episode he is growing up to his elderly stage, you can tell since he starts growing a beard throughout. Near the end his avatar turns into a pink planet while a moon circles him, possibly representing his flying camera.



Charlotte was the former dog of Glasses Man, and is now the current pet of Clancy. They have a good friendship as they are seen helping each other out and keeping each other company. She currently resides in Clancy's trailer and can be seen sporadically throughout the series. It can be seen that Charlotte acts as almost a canine trash can for Clancy. Whatever Clancy doesn't want he throws in her void-like stomach.

Glasses Man

Glasses Man was the first person that Clancy interviewed. They talk about drugs and meditation and treated each other like buddies during their dialogue. Clancy would also help him reach high places, considering he is short and Clancy had a large avatar, and shows no complaint to it.


In Officers and Wolves, Clancy foreshadows his estranged relationship with his unseen sister, Sarah. Clancy is shown to dislike his sister's presence and in Vulture With Honor he says to himself that he ruined their relationship.

Mrs Gilroy

Mrs Gilroy/Deneen Fending is Clancy's mother and is someone that he is very close to. She's always very ready to talk and advice him, showing her love more with actions than with words.





Clancy is somewhat lazy when at home, getting annoyed by his neighbours, never takes care of his Multiverse Simulation. He seems more active and calmer when he's recording his spacecasts.

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  • F*ck...! " - Clancy's first line in The Midnight Gospel trailer.
  • " There are beautiful and wondrous worlds, full of intelligent beings with stories to tell... and I'm gonna interview them, put my interviews online, and make a bunch of money, and suck my d*ck. "